Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are all men perverts?

There is a huge incongruence in an everyday occurrence in the life of every woman. Many women spend a lot of time and effort taking care of their personal appearance trying to dress and look very attractive; however most women dislike the reactions that they elicit from men! Call me crazy but now days you can see women in public wearing barely anything and when a man looks at them they call him a pervert? Even mature women that spend time, effort and money in make-up, cloths, shoes, and accessories are trying to be beautiful, attractive and desirable however when they do provoke reactions from men they feel uncomfortable.

It seems that women want to be “selectively attractive” and just elicit attention from the men they want and that is impossible. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong in looking good, actually I would like to see more women using their feminine energy, but to get irritated for something they help create is incongruent.

When I go sea fishing, I do my best to use the right bait, in the right hook, at the right time and at the right depth to catch the fish I want, however most times I end up catching a variety of fish. I don’t get bend out of shape or get angry at the fish, I just know for a fact that if I put food in the water something is going to try to eat it!

I have never been harassed by women so I cannot claim to understand how it feels, but I know as a man that we are finely tuned organisms that detect the most minuscule sensual information that the opposite sex is broadcasting and all the artifices of beauty are design to exaggerate and enhance in any way possible all the primordial signal that will attract us. However these signals are not specific to one man, they affect all men; it is true that not in equal measure, but we are far from being immune.

There are many pathological cases and that is another thing, I am talking about your everyday Joe that gets caught in the path of a woman and can’t help but scanning her and even perhaps make a few remarks, and this leads me to the second part of the incongruence: If a woman takes her hot pants for a stroll along with her bra-less tank top and she get hassled, she will get back home upset and angry, but if no one takes even a small peek at her during her walk she would be as upset! And women wonder why men don’t understand them.

My only suggestion is: If you have it, own it! And all that goes along with it, and understand that men work under very different rules of engagement and have a completely different agenda than women, so do not assume anything and do what I do when I fish: throw back the once you don’t want!

But that is only my opinion, what’s yours?

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